A total of 143 BioPro Modular Thumb Implant joint replacements were reviewed at an average of 72 months (6 years) post-operatively. At the latest follow-up, pain relief occurred in (94%) 135 thumbs, function improved in (96.5%) 138 thumbs, (97%) 139 thumbs were excellent or good in overall assessment, and (99%) 142 thumbs had good or excellent cosmetic appearance. The mean tip pinch improved from 4.9 kg preoperatively to 6.44 kg postoperatively. The authors reported a shorter recovery time compared to the traditional LRTI (12 weeks vs 22 weeks). There were a total 6 thumbs (4%) that required revision surgery. The revisions included four thumbs successfully revised to a longer stem due to loosening, one revised to a larger head due to instability, and one revised to an LRTI. There were no complete dislocations observed.  

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